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First, what is a minus ?

The Minus is basically a Glass Fiber (GRP) replacement body/chassis unit for any ageing and invariably rusting, classic Mini. it also has a shortened body height of 3inches.
It can use ALL the same components as the classic Mini, like; front sub frame, engine, gearbox, radiator, suspension and steering, the rear sub frame, the windscreen and all glass, headlights, rear lights, front seats, exhaust system, wheels and brakes.

But due to the reduced body height, the components that need modification are;
- the Doors, they need shortening by 3inches, normally lose everything under the base of the bottom hinge,
- the Seats front and rear, again height issues here, so front seats have their mounts shortened, and the back seats need complete alteration both in height and width,
- the Wiring loom needs additions earths (as GRP does not conduct electricity, and its the body that is normally used as the earth)
- the Dash also has to be thought about due to less height between the dash 'bars/rails'.
- the bonnet needs thought too, and normally requires bulges (due to less height in the engine bay)
items that will foul the bonnet without modification are the radiator (which can be lowered )
- the brake master cylinder (using single line requires no bulges)
- the type of rocker cover also needs to be correct, otherwise there's no room for the oil filler cap/neck.

Performance and economy are said to be greatly improved due to the fact the cars height is reduced by 3inches, (less wind resistance)
and is lighter which also benefits the overall performance.

Alls seems to good to be true, well yes...... well there is one problem, they stopped making the GRP mini minus back in the 90's so only 2nd hand shells are available

i set this site up to track each minus i found as get mistaken for each other, and didnt know how many there were left,

the total number of unique minuses found and logged, stands at,
There's been 4 confirmed exported
#23, #33, #50, #59

Maximum minuses seen photographed/recorded together stands at

#3, #16, and#46

 magazine featured minus tally
#2, #3, #5, #7, #8, #13, #60

a new tally now started is for Bike engined, powered Minuses, which is at

#10, #13, #14, #22, #28, #32, #44, #54

FaceBook Group
Facebook page is warming up nicely, getting some great pictures uploaded.
to contact me via email send to [email protected]
ThankYOU for all your continued emails, and updates, im so sorry my replies and updates are so delayed,
i will endever to always add your pictures and info i receieve, eventually!

Ok now onto all the info and photos of all the Minuses found so far !
click on each Image for a Larger View

Red = Active known member and is a 'project' .... Green = Confirmed owner, Vehicle Status is On the Road .... Blue = Owner previously confirm but current status unknown

.... Turquoise = UnConfirmed owner or current status, Vehicle Status was/is On the Road .... Gray = No real data properly confirmed ...

#01 Rolling Shell, Mick Long !
Not much has really been done on mine at all sadly ...still much as these pics, just on 10" Whellers rims all round now
21.1.07, have added pic which has been sent in of my minus when is was on the road and used as the 'demo' car by keith !

#02 TPX 77F, Owned by AndyRolye (still ??)
the red one featured in magazines at the time ('07)
cost approx 30,000 building it, was for sale for 16k on piston heads

#03 OBX 227J, Owned by Nigel Waterfall
shell number 73? (think he said)
All complete in blue used mainly as a hill climber.. also seen at entry #16 and #46 (3 minuses together picture)
first found on marcos web site, but since meet up in the flesh !
Minimarcos site
was featured in magazine in February 06
25.03.2013 Update Latest picture Taken as Castle Combe mini show 2011, still owned by Nigel

Castle Combe Mini Show 2011

#4 770 CRK, Owned by Geoffrey King (back in 1989)
Complete in White, found here,
Minimarcos site

#5 JAA 503N Owners Rich > Paul > Dan
complete in Red, again originally found on Minimarcos site prime position just inside the main entrance at Carcraft 2000,Bingley Hall, Stafford in March 2000.
27.09.07 Update sold on eBay for just under £4k as a unfinished project, it has been on the road in past, but was taken off the road due to engine problem (bottomed out and smashed hole in sump)
has featured in mini magazine in the july 2000 edition. have been emailed by new owner Paul Rockliffe.
25.03.2013. Was sold from Paul to Dan early 2010, when dan opened a new (re)build thread on theMiniForum

#6 UVF 410H was owned by a Gary Mac?
is a complete White Minus. was for sale on ebay aug.04
built the car himself after buying a bare painted shell from a guy in Diss Norwich April 2003
07.06.2007 update, was seen at london to brighton run ! and got a few more pics....

#7 EDD 731L owner was/is Alistair Nichols
complete in green Found on eBay, and has been a magazine feature

#8 OEE 856S Andys
was owned as a shell by Random Nonsense
3.11.06 Update was sold, to one Andy around june 2006, and then completly re-done from scratch
and has come up Real nice, is good to see a forgotten shell brought back to life, especially when its done so well
29.09.07 Update was featured in the July issue of Mini World added scans of the mag if you cannot find/missed a copy

#9 YMO 274F owned by Jason Everard
and has been owned by Jason since 1995. Wild engine built by Pat Howe, owner of Raven Racing around 2006

#10 YHV 417G, 'Minty Monty' owned by 'Alburglar'. *RWD R1 Bike powered
Albugers has had a running 'diary' since he owned 'Monty' in 2004 at theMiniForum
updated 19.11.2012 As of about 07' started a conversion to zcars RWD R1 bike engine, Pictures and progress starts here at page 19 ! theMiniForum

#11 Q173 GVR, 'wyatt', owner known as 'minimike'
shell number 84 ? complete shell in blue (Ford Galaxy Blue)
owner known as minimike on most forums.

#12 Rolling Shell, owned by Chris Clifford aka.minisprint (see also #19, and #24)
owner known as minisprint on most forums.
(brought the shell from Andy Royle)

#13 LRC 579P, owned by Ade
Complete in green (shell was originally from alburger and blue) and was the first RWD R1 Minus !! his build diary is at theMiniForum
featured in March 06 edition of 'mini mag'
07.06.2007, was auctioned on ebay, got to £9200 and didn't meet reserve !

#14 CON 145K, *Now FWD Lynx-ae R1 Bike powered
owner based in leicester, and first found on this thread at theMiniForum
and its is a lightweight version minus, with thinner GRP which was also built with no steel reinforcing as they normally do
update 19.11.12, now been dramatically changed, with a FWD R1 bike engine ! with new build log at theMiniForum
with some nice stats ..Car weighed in a 500kg dead.Gearing wise so far I'm getting 64 mph in first and about 87mph in second.

CON 145K

#15 DAU 666L, owned by Chris
Complete in blue. Chris from Norfolk Mini Owners Club brought it recently (2005) for £2000. Is/Was based around Norwich

#16 POC 798M, owner is Andy Turner
most minus witnessed together, seen by Nigel waterfall #3# at the annual Lakes Tour event on the edge of Ullswater in the mid-early 90's
03.11.06 Update, now have that photo, is a rare photo of THREE minuses all together.
have only allocated one slot here as both minus details are vague, if they are still alive ?
27.09.07 have now changed this entry to the white one only, as the yellow one has now got its separate entry at #46 due to new details !
26.03.13 New owner found, and its just about back on road after a complete restoration (more pics on our facebook group)

#17# Matts, rolling shell (bare)
got his own website up with pics and progress on his minus .. based in ipswich.
### Update, was sold on ebay ! for over £2000 on 13th march 07'

#18 UJE 347S
Complete in blue 'Minus 1275GT'
(found at stanford hall 11.09.05)

#19 Q959GEL, owned now by Simon
04.09.05 on ebay from niauxarts, Hampshire, had it since 98, and had 2 previous owners (previously used it with VYJ 949 plates)
which Sold for £630 to Chris aka.minisprint (see also #12#, and #24#)as fully working but had been standing for years. which he started a (re) build thread on theMiniForum,
23.03.13 Informed that Chris aka minisprint sold it in 2010, were its now been completely restored/rebuilt using its original Q Reg

#20 Auctioned on ebay (ended, 8.sept.05 and 12.Jan.06 ) bare rolling shell with 1275 engine,
auction by luckyk69, from Devon then re-auctioned by madasamarchhair, from Crawley, West Sussex
update 07.06.2007, current owner is now A. Hashimoto (see also #40) which is based in scotland

#21 Auctioned on ebay (ended 03-Jan-06) rolling shell, (red with white bonnet)
shell is good. No accident damage. Has had wheelarches cut for 13 inch wheels, but can be covered with wheel arches,
I had the interior wood panels replaced and the rear inner wheel arch es repaired and strengthened.
The doors were factory altered and are steel, so the tin worm has taken the skins, but can be rebuilt. There is no ID with the body as the plate is missing
Won by vicarage77 for £670
##Update 20.05.08 built a garage to keep it in and began work. Progress is slow due to lack of time and knowledge ....i make it up as i go along! Subframes are both fitted and built up with gaz dampers and coil springs replacing the rubber type. I've got 4 pots and 8.4 inch vented discs on the front to fit under 10x6 mambas...just modified a bleed nipple! The engine is fitted. It's from an MG metro and was rebuilt with modified head and lightened flywheel

#22 GT09 ZZZ, now owned by Andrew Farmer. *RWD R1 bike powered
was sold by 'scurvydog' on TMF. (14.04.06), to Andy, stayed and build with help from pete / ade also the owner of a green RWD R1 pickup, and co builder of #13#
10.11.06 Update, emailed me some more pics of the progress !! Roll cage and gsxr1000 engine fitted and now painted in Honda red and looking very shiny.
19.11.12 update, after some Z-Cars action and all new parts its now reged as a zcars new build ! FaceBook gallery


#23 OGY 914K, owned by 'F1 Mini'
all complete, in white. brought on ebay (15.02.06, ending on 19.02.96). from gmin091, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. sold for about £2500 ??
30.03.07 Update the last picture is the minus just before shipping out to australia, also in the container is a ful R1 Zcars conversion kit !!!
so hopefully we get an update on that soon ! ... all i know at the moment it has arrived safely and he's very happy !! (been posting on forums too)

#24 Shell, owned by chris/minisprint (see also #12#, and #19#)
This is a very cut down shell, but discussed in length in essence a minus
which has a full front end, and back body kit, with full custom running gear and chassis/frame
named because of this the 'space frame minus'
brought on ebay (15-Mar-06 ) for £460, from dakinepyro located in ipswich suffolk

#25 Q700 EPV,
kind of purple and is as standard as minus's get,
been stored in a garage for about 4 years (was fine went put in there) only garaged as owner moved away,
owner being female ! so i think this may be the first female minus owner !

#26 Rolling Shell, Foster's
race prepped, in white primer.
extra mods include no rear seats, and removable front end, carb box in bulkhead, and full roll cage !

#27 PRP 9V, owned by Peter Menzies
Complete and on the road in Green, based in scotland, was acquired part complete in 1991 but it lay for years till I stripped it and rehashed it
We're old pals now cos It's on it's 10th consecutive MOT, It's had various engines/boxes bits and pieces.
It's still used as my every day car.( New engine,long legged diff for some off the far away shows this year )
07.06.2007 Here's this years new Paint Job.!!! .....Nice and bright with some ' Bling ' added....... I've also had a go at the roof unit, Rehashed the storage to take discs.
Wired in my Mp3 player and fitted a little battery operated clock.

#28 EMM799J auctioned on ebay *RWD Front engined bike powered
plus much more info !
EMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799J
EMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799JEMM 799J

#29 Rolling Shell, Previous owner Shane P
A bargain buy, from the original owner who had owned it since new back in !979ish !
has never been on road, and was set up with 850CC engine with Auto box,
is a MK1 style minus, with many differences than the ones ya normally see....
main ones being external hinges, an grille comprised of BIG circle cut outs, all from standard

#30 Q508GHG, Tom Harbers
Terry Bells featured in a article in Car builder magazine from Dec 1991
27.09.07 update emailed by the new owner ! looks like time has been harsh to it, but its being put right ! also being converted to a Vauxhall C16XE engine blog/build/project page at theMiniForum
12.09.12 update its up for sale new thread opened at theMiniForum

#31 Blue hillclimber(fully working)
this is a blue minus that competed in hill climbs in the south west back in the 90s.
From what I (Neil Sutton) remember this had a comprehensive roll cage, beam rear axle, and massive down draught webbers sticking out of the bonnet;
and it did rather well ! Not sure of its current situation/location
##Update 30.03.07 Had contact from the owner of this one !!! ""this car is currently sitting in my garage in Kent as a bare shell waiting for me to restore it for the road,looks a bit worse for wear now but I will get there with it.

#32 Neil Suttons rolling shell
bought new from Keith Lain back in October 1990, listed on invoice as Mk2 kit unit No 0107
started off as just a re-shell of my rusty 1275GT, then progressed to being a road / hillclimb car still with A series power but probably 8 port fuel injected,
however now I am planning Yamaha R1 power. I've just purchased an engine so I've now got to see if it will fit in the front and whether Lynx AE or another company comes up with a reverse box / diff that will work.
If all else fails I'll go the Z-cars route and fit it in the back.
(Neil also provided us with pics/info of the above 2 minus'. so many thanks)
## Update 30.03.07 I went with ZCars and got them to work their magic on my shell. I got it back in December 07', their workmanship is top notch,
I've been making slow but steady progress since.

#33 G711 RVM
info/pics sent in by pete (Macming), unsure of its current location/owner
Looks like an old home brewed Shorrock unit. I remember you used to get a full kit for various Ford models in the '70's.
07.06.2007 update, auctioned on ebay
sold for over £2500, had lots of info about it, will post a separate frame 'soon'
27.09.2007 update, new owner emailed me , from austria ! name is Arnold Teufel and is happy to be the new owner

#34 auctioned on ebay (may 2006) by Justin
Now owned by Russ, which is still in pretty much the same state at the mo


#35 PPX 28M - TNJ 131G Mike's, Fully working and on the road
Minus bought from Keith Laine's works - supposedly the last shell - sitting in his works some time after he stopped trading .Originally built as a hatch back with flip front for a customer who never completed the purchase!! Keith then returned it to 'normal' shell. Bought, and built for my son, as the first pic I sent you (PPX reg) with 1380 Swiftune - seriously quick! Then re-registered when I bought it from my son (he found it difficult to get all his family in it!). Now a tax free reg - very useful for a car that isn't on the road very often. Now with Vauxhall 2litre 16v GTE engine and box in purpose made 'front' subframe with coil overs / modified rose jointed suspension / metro turbo hubs brakes and 4 pots / steering locking tie rods. Front modified mini subframe with coil overs / KAD big discs and alloy 6 pots / KAD bias adjustable twin master cylinders. Front and rear subframes linked through roll cage and steel frame at floor level. Rear frame can be unbolted and dropped complete with engine and box etc. Ally front fuel tank with high pressure pump etc. Front GTE rad and fan. 7x13 Minilite front with 175/50x13, 8x13 Minilite rear with 215/50x13. Spare 8x15 with 215/45x15 Compomotive ML for the rear - mini bolt pattern Purpose made ally rear arches, ally internal panelling - door cards. Sparco race seats, Sparco 4 point harnesses, Momo alcantara race s/wheel, GTE electronic instruments.
28.09.07 Update added more pics, and above txt quick, will properly format in next update, also this minus is FOR SALE !!


#36 auctioned on ebay, rolling shell with engine. mentioned as a MK1 and 'claimed' to be the first edition ! ? ! ?


#37 Simons, aka Lizard, bare shell
update 07.06.2007, Engine and sub frames are now fitted, steering and brakes now being done.
Once the doors are fitted with catches, its going off for the interior to be sprayed


#38 KMA 247G, John Rutherford
fully working and on the road, It had been living in france and fully built over 6 years. is Rosso Red.It has a professionally built 1380cc engine and has a cooper 11 stud head, fully lightened and balanced, 1.5 ratio rocker arms, 285 cam, duplex timing, Turbo gearbox, Big rad and oil cooler. Hi-Los, AVO shockers, 1.5 degree neg A arms, four pot metro brakes and discs, 13" Minilights
23.03.13 Brought from Becy by John Rutherford
in 2010?

#39 127 JTX, John Harris about to be on the road !
Is easier if i just paste in what he told me!, so in his words,
My project is at long last nearing completion. I've now sorted out my E. Mail so I've attached, I hope, a couple of shots of the car in its present state. I've just got a couple of scratches to to tidy up, fit the doors, glass and seats and then give the engine a twirl.
I've highlighted by putting the main section headers in bold :) some real nice history and build info here ! thanks again ! ......
the shell is finished in BMW Mini Electric Blue and is very shiny! Much more so than I expected! Most of the rest of the car came from bits I've had lying around.
The engine is an Austin 1300 GT unit with a Cooper 1275 S 12G940 head and Piper 285 Road/Rally cam, vernier belt driven. Carburation is via twin HS2 SUs. Exhaust is via Maniflow LCB and Rover Cooper system. The compression ratio is a bit on the low side so new pistons may be on the cards. The package is untested so I'll have to wait until I've rolling roaded it to find out if it's any good!
Sub frames are stiffened original Mk 1s fitted with fully adjustable suspension, Mini Sport Adjusta Rides and Spax adjustable Gas Shocks.
Brakes are mini 8.4" discs at the front and Minifin drums at the rear with the original single line hydraulic set up.
Wheels are Ex Mini Cabriolet Revolution Five Spoke Alloys fitted with Yokohama A510 165/60 rubber. I've had to fit Mini Spares arches, foam filled and glassed in to the shell.
Fuel tank is a 7.5 gallon unit with the top corner cut away to fit in the boot. I've fitted the fuel pump (SU) in the boot rather than below the sub frame to protect it from the elements. I'm too old now to grovel on my back underneath to kick it back to life. I may change it for a Facet pump anyway if it's as unreliable as I remember it.
I fitted one of my Minis with a rear wiper and washer set up in the 60s so I've replicated it on this car.
The boot lid is original Austin Seven Mk 1 but doesn't fit Keith's boot aperture too well. I may change it at some point to a more flexible GRP lid which I can tailor better.
The only external mod I've had to make has been to the bonnet, fitting an ERA bonnet scoop the wrong way around to clear the tops of the carbs and the K & N filters. The rest of the shell is original apart from filling all the apertures and hollow sections with foam and glassing over them to seal them. I did the same with the sub frames as well. It gets rid of all the nooks and crannies where mud and salt can collect and protects them from the subsequent damage they can cause. Apart from that I went over all the various section joins and glassed those as well to stiffen and strengthen them.
Internally, the main instrumentation cluster is ex 1275 three instrument pod and all the other instruments are oil pressure, temp, volts, amps, vacuum, clock etc. Once again these were all available so I just used them all up! Steering column is late model mini with twin stalk lights, flasher, horn, indicator control etc. I've had to do this because the seats (Huntmaster Rally Seats) are fixed to the floor behind the cross beam (I'm 6'4") to give me head clearance and a decent driving position and I can't easily reach the dash for the main controls. I've fitted a three point roll cage to compliment Keith's in built frame with additional stiffeners down to the top and bottom of the rear seat panel. I've fitted a connector between the original upper seat belt mounting points and the roll cage and moved the seat belt mounting backwards to the cage, again to suit my height and seating position.
The head lining
is a recovered, modified Mk 1 two piece frame.The original intention was to build a sprint/hill climb car but that's no longer feasible so I've set it up as a fast road tourer, hopefully with enough go to keep me happy and embarrass some of the Beemers and Mercs on the twisty roads around here. I hope all the above is of interest. Once it's running I'll drop you another line and let you know how it's progressing

#40 A. Hashimoto, complete and on the road
also owns #20, both based in scotland

#41 Jim Henderson, bare shell
I bought this unused Minus shell, doors, bonnet and boot lid from a guy called Andy Bacos in Norwich spring 2006. As yet have not done much to it other than trial fit some parts. He had advertised it in one of the Mini magazines as a job-lot to include engine, gearbox, wheels etc. The doors are really rough so i will use some i already had from another car. I am planning that the car be pretty conventional, A series powered, 10" wheels (Cosmic) simple single colour paint job and i'm hoping not to have to fit arches of any sort, but we'll see. Cheers Jim Henderson

#42 ebay june2007, bare shell

#43 Q633 GRJ Andys, was on the road once
bought it from the factory in sept 1989, on the road in the following April then while out driving one day the indicator failed to cancel and i didn't notice and someone pulled out on me, the door took most of the damage, I was rebuilding a Mini Marcos at the time so i ran the Minus until the mot ran out, took the wheels, tyres and a few other bits for the Marcos and parked the Minus up with the intention of sorting it out that was 17 years ago! day I'll get sorted

#44 Q947 WFS *FWD Pro-motive R1 Bike engined
saw at the Stoneleigh Kit car Show in Spring of 1988 by John Harris(#39). I spoke to the owner but have long since lost his contact details. The exterior was beautifully finished but the interior was still relatively untouched with bare grp. The engine was a 999
was then up for sale in the Edinburgh area by a man named Alan (second pic)
updated 19.11.12 this has now been bike powered ! YouTube video evidence ! also a build log at theminiforum
Q947 WFSQ947 WFSQ947 WFSQ947 WFS

#45 Mike Sloan, rolling shell
The shell was in the possession of a mate of mine for about 10 years in which time it was just dry stored. I have had the car for about a year and have been collecting bits for it.
So ar I have rebuilt a 1275 GT motor with a 1300GT tufrided long stroke crank, ported and flowed the head, now unleaded.
Fitted the Hepolite pistons, mild cam and a twin 40 Webber. I have just sorted the LCB and the stainless exhaust is next.The front suspension isGaz coilovers, fully rose jointed and an early sub frame.
the rear is a beam axle with Gaz coilovers all running on 1970`s 7.5 x 13 Revolutions and 195/40/13 Conti`s.
26.03.13 More pictures and a build log found here

#46 MCU 759J, details emailed in by dale (see also #16)
I have just been looking through your piccies of minus’s and found a pic of my old friends Minus. He was a member of a club called MINISONTOUR – MOT for short, hence the number plate in the pic. The car’s actual Reg plate was MCU 759J. He used to live in the Gateshead area, but the last contact with him was back in 2000. I’m unsure if he still owns it

#47 Q129DHN, complete in 96
No information on this one, was email in my dale (see aboves entry) as u can see by date on picture, was complete in 96 !


#48 KJK857P, sold on ebay 13.04.08

#49 VLJ 961J , Nicks
Purchased new from Keith Lain back in July 1992, listed on invoice as Mk2 kit unit No 0121.
Used daily after completion in ’93 until rear sub frame gave up the ghost in ’01. Now in need of some TLC although still runs and all electrics still function, who knows maybe next year…

#50 Juan D, from California ?
I'm under the impression he's from California ?

#51 Bare Shell, prevously owned by Andy Turner

#52 reg69, ebay 21-May-08
V5 – currently SORN •Make: Austin Mini Minus •Date Registered: 1/1/1969

#53 LME 105C James Evans
a loverly clean build with his own build thread/gallery too Here
LME 105CLME 105CLME 105C

#54 Qxx xxx Trevor Ford
found a old picture gallery Here
Many more pictures in a Facebook gallery build

#55 Q863 GRJ Ed Horsman
added a pic from before it got restored/rebuilt
Q863 GRJQ863 GRJQ863 GRJ

#56 Q633GRJ
seen here photographed with #57

#57 UWP 99G Dave Watts

#58 bare shell ebay £2k
from miniparts990, location, temple cloud bristol

#59 Rolling Shell, Picard Valentin
Located in france, high spec 16v Aseries engine ! Build link HERE
and even a YouTube video it driving, and another on early starting too
Picard Valentin

#60 MYF 454D Ian Weston
MYF 454D

#61 Rolling shell, Jonathan Faulkner
Active project, Facebook gallery/progress, and on theminiforum
Jonathan Faulkner

#62 Rolling Shell, Kyle Stewart Fisher aka blueblood
1st couple of pics are as he brought it, but as you can see on his blog/project page at theminiforum its very much different now, with some excellent details :)

#63 Rolling Shell, 16v Nissan Micra engine
Was selling it on theminiforum march 2012
16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop


#64 Q735 HPW,
16v Vauxhall redtop


#65 Q141 UWP, Jim Stock ?
found on internet, from a scan of magazine article
16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop


#66 DPJ 369B hatchbacked

16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop


#67 CAJ 211T
16v Vauxhall redtop

#68 Japanese black
16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop16v Vauxhall redtop

#69 rolling shell hatchback number 2
With Suzuki GTi engine build log here
16v Vauxhall redtop


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Got given this pic, taken from within the factory back in the day,
of a half finished shell, with other parts, and builds in the background !