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Ok Thought i would include this section for other creations that are from the same team that created the minus which is STATUS...
other models from status are, 365, Clan Crusader, McCoy, Maxi, minipower/symbol, Sabot (MiniMoke), and 4R2
have'nt included other info here as all the info thats about is at minimarcos sites of alternatives anyhows !

Secondly is the 4R2, now this is just as rare as the Moke GRP, and is a hybrid of the minus, and is/was Inspired by the Metro 6R4 rally car (of the 80's and 90's)
named from how the 6R4 was .. 6-cyclinder, Rear engine, 4-wheel-drive. so thus the minus 4R2 becuae its 4-cyclinder, Rear engine, 2-wheel-drive.
not sure how many were made, but from what i understand only 1 remains ! and partly another .. (look at #24 on the register and u will see why !)
currently its owned by shaun, which also owns the moulds for the minus !!! (he brought them together)

the Now owner of this 4R2, is also the owners of the original minus moulds !
which they HAVE started to put to use. So far, only as a empty shell for a spaceframe .... But theres romours of them re-creating the minus as we know them !

Another is Sabot 'ugly duckling' (found on ebay of all places) which is a GRP Mini Moke
so same principle as the minus, but this is a GRP replacmenet for a Moke !!

Right now am just gonna paste in what was said in the ebay auction, which was what was extract from the original advertisment leaflet which as far as we know never actually went into production, so this is VERY rare ! ..

"The Sabot The finished vehicle is a compact 4 or 2 seater, Mini based vehicle for on -road or off-road use. It is straightforward to build and nearly all the parts required to complete a body set can be taken from one saloon.
It is easy and cheap to maintain and economical on fuel and parts. The bodyset is made from marine quality g.r.p. This is, of course, non-rusting and lasts indefinitely. The simple styling of flat and single curvature shapes also enable small repairs to be made with sections moulded separately for grafting in, or in situ, without the need for special mould tools. The cockpit sides are high for safety and strength. Performance is what you would expect in an open Mini-based vehicle approximately 2.5 cwt lighter than standard with a reduced frontal area. Acceleration, top speed, fuel economy, cornering and handling are all improved.
With the standard rubber suspension, ride is harsher, and being open , it is noisier and there are more draughts! The Sabot is designed to comply with Road Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations and to exceed engineering standards for design, of the code of specialist manufacturers.

THE BODY UNIT This is a monocoque glassfibre structure, developed from experience gained on the original Lotus Elite, our Status 365 and Mini Minus, the Clan Crusader and McCoy. Holes are omitted so that the customer can chosse his own parts and positions and use these as jigs for the greatest accuracy. The structure is of open box form with minimal apertures for the engine, occupants and luggage. The sides are reinforced with full-height double side beams. These are connected transversely by the front bulkhead and rear seat back, and by the torsion boxes of the front seat mounting and rear seat base. The basic moulding has a double gel coat for weather protection and surface quality. The upper body is laid up with 900 g.s.m chopped strand mat and the undertray with 1350 g.s.m. Edges are reinforced with an extra 900 g.s.m., and heavyweight cloth is added for the more highly stressed attachment areas of the front subframe, dampers, pedal assembly, rack and pinion, and rear subframe. The areas for the seatbelt anchorages are made large enough for the customers to have some choice on the postioning to suit their seating preferences. Metal parts are included for the front subframe top mounting, engine steady, handbrake and seatbelt anchorages. Metalwork is powder-painted semi-gloss black.
The side beams are completed with simple flat, ply diaphragms of 6.5mm bich or similar. Ours have small holes for assembly purposes. These panels can be modified, or the customers can cut their own, to include storage access. The bonnet is a simple one-piece moulding having a double gelcoat and a 900g.s.m. laminate. The edges are reinforced with an additional 900g.s.m. and the centre rib has an 1800g.s.m. overlap, and there is an intergrally moulded stiffening rib across the rear. The standard clearance accepts a 1275 engine with twin S.U.s and pancake filters. A gap at the rear conceals the wiper pivots and most of the wiper arms when parked.
THE WINDSCREEN FRAME This is also a simple one-piece moulding havin a double gelcoat and an 1800g.s.m. laminate. This accepts standard a standard Mini front screen. A steel tie rod supports the top and bottom rail firmly. The wiper boxes mount directly to the frame with the motor so the frame can fitted and removed as a complete assembly.
THE BOOT LID The boot lid is designed to mount on the body using foam pads or strips to prevent chaffing and rattles. It hinges at its front edge using domestic backflap hinges and is secured at its rear edge with rubber T-hooks.
The 4 top-bolt dry Mini subframe made from '59 -'76 with its suspension and brakes, the engine assembly with carbs, exhaust, electrics, cooling system, engine steady, gearbox and gearchange, steering rack, column assembly, with hydraulics, wiper motor assembly with arms and blades, windscreen and glazing rubber; instrument switches, choke cable, heater and demister assembly, handbrake and cables, front seats, seat belts; fuel tank and pipe, rear subframe, suspension and brakes, battery, loom, headlights , front indicators, number plate light, horn and road wheels.
MINI PARTS USED ALTERED The rear sseat upholstery needs some simple modifications and the loom is neater if the excess length is removed. Several earth returns need adding to the loom or run separately.
SPECIAL PARTS REQUIRED Flat mounting rear lights are required and we recommend units as fitted to the Moke, Sherpa and Lotus Seven.
HOW LONG TO BUILD? Being of identical configuration to the Mini, taking into account drilling some holes, as long as it takes to dismantle, recondition the parts and reassemble depends on experienceof the builder."